Noel Gallagher “My wife treats my job like I’m an 11-year-old”

Noel Gallagher “My wife treats my job like I’m an 11-year-old”

Noel Gallagher has learned the hard way that family members often make the harshest critics.

“My wife kind of treats my job like an 11-year-old who’s just learned to play the guitar,” he told Rolling Stone last month during a Los Angeles listening party for his new High Flying Birds LP, Who Built the Moon?.

“So when I’ll come home all excited and say, ‘Fuck, get on this!’, she’ll go -condescendingly- ‘Awww, did you just write that? It’s nice! It’s good. It’s good.’ … My daughter’s pretty much from the same school. She’s like ‘Ahh, yeah. Is that you? It’s good, it’s good.’ ‘I wasn’t asking your fucking opinion, but thank you very much.'”

Noel even recalls his wife shooting down one of his most beloved solo songs, 2011’s AKA… What a Life!, after he played her a piano demo and floated the idea of Madonna singing on it. “Like a dick, I said to her, ‘I could hear Madonna singing that song.’ Honestly, the look she gave me sent shivers down my spine,” he recalled. “She went, ‘Madonna…will not be singing that fucking song.'”

He noted that it took his wife almost two decades to fully appreciate his work, though Who Built the Moon? finally converted her to fandom. “I was listening to this record months ago, and she kind of burst in the room and said, ‘Is this you? It’s fucking brilliant!'” he said. “And I went, ‘Finally! Fucking finally. I’ve only written about six songs about you over the last 18 years, for fuck’s sake.'”

Source: Rolling Stone