Noel Gallagher: “My work ethic is still the same. I pick that guitar up every day of my life.”

On March 26th Noel Gallagher will perform in Sydney and The Sydney Morning Herald had a chat with him to know more about his solo career and his life as a grown-up man who had to leave the drug habit of the past (“”Cigarettes are one of the last pleasures I have left from those years. Of course, I have raging emphysema and a little cancer, but I’ll soldier on”).


About his career as a solo artist he said:  “My work ethic is still the same. I pick that guitar up every day of my life in the hope that something gets there. Nine times out of 10 you don’t get anything, but the 10th time it happens and it’s great and it’s magic.”

“I know within the first half hour of me noodling which way it will go, and when it starts happening I can feel it instantly and I’ll flick through some song titles and look at what I haven’t finished. And then there are days where I pick up the guitar and it’s literally like I’ve never held one and I have no idea how to play it.”

It was noticeable when Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds toured Australia four years ago how comfortable Gallagher was holding the spotlight, and the pleasure he took in running a crack band. Since then, he claims, little has changed.

“If you do great work everything else falls into place: great records make for great tours, and a great drummer makes it very easy indeed. The tour for this album has been great. We added a brass section to the show and I’ve almost run out of words to praise it,” Gallagher says. “I genuinely look forward to my tour manager sticking his head around the dressing room door and saying, ‘You’re on in five minutes’. It’s the highlight of my day.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald