Noel Gallagher: “Nobody lives in a perfect family”

Noel Gallagher: “Nobody lives in a perfect family”

Oasis reunion is a kind of a sore subject for the numerous fans. Everybody’s doubting it will ever happen and yet everybody’s secretly hoping for a Christmas miracle that one day might bring the Gallagher brothers back onstage together.

That would make a perfect gift for any fan and would make even the most skeptical ones believe in magic again. In a new interview with Rachel Johnson published today in the Sunday Times, Noel Gallagher is discussing the possibility of making up with his estranged brothers, Liam and Paul. You might hold your breath now, but don’t hold your hopes up too high: Noel’s answer is, as usual, the vague and ambiguous “definitely maybe”.

The interviewer, Rachel Johnson, is no stranger to the topic of sibling rivalry. She can relate to Noel’s struggles since she has a tumultuous relationship with her own brother, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Meanwhile, since Oasis notoriously broke up ten years ago, Noel hasn’t ever spoken to his brother Liam. The rift seems to be getting only bigger as time goes by, and now even the most enthusiastic fans are starting to have doubts. Is Oasis a thing of the past or is there still a chance we might hear all our favourite hits played by Noel and Liam together again one day? Noel opened up about his relationship with his siblings in the new interview.

“Our Paul is very responsible, but he’s not responsible for me. He looks after Liam now”, admits Noel. While there was a real argument between Noel and Liam back in 2009, the situation with Paul isn’t as clear. He’s never really fallen out with Noel – instead, he simply chose Liam’s side of the barricade. Paul has been on the road with Liam during both of his solo tours. Meanwhile, Liam once said in an interview that Noel doesn’t speak to Paul simply because the latter ‘didn’t clap loud enough’ at one of Noel’s solo performances. The interviewer wonders if there’s any chance of Noel’s reconciliation with Paul. Noel seems reluctant to reply. When he finally does, he draws a parallel with Rachel Johnson’s family situation.

“Our family has never been close. There are similarities, and there are differences. The prime minister is the frontman for the band. There’s always tensions in the band, and there’s always tensions in the cabinet. Someone’s always leaking something… The difference is, in a band, in Rock’n’Roll, you represent yourself. In politics, you represent the party and the people, and all that bullshit. Reconciliation is a good thing. But I don’t know one person, one single person in my life who lives in a perfect family. Not one!”

It’s sad to hear such words. At the same time, such logic doesn’t really explain why Liam gets along with Paul so nicely for so many years. Moreover, it’d be bold of Noel to assume he only represents himself in Rock’n’Roll. The frontman represents the band as such, as a creative unity of musicians. Noel’s belief his family has never truly been close is the total opposite of Liam’s opinion. The younger Gallagher brother values his family more than anything and regularly brings them with him on tours. ,Maybe the fault isn’t in the family members? Maybe the fault is in Noel’s own attitude? And most importantly, maybe the peace within the family is more valuable than pride?

One thing is for sure: even ten years after Oasis became a thing of the past, we miss them. We remember them. And against all odds, we’re still hoping one day Noel would give peace a chance. Filled with magic and expectations, Christmas time seems the perfect moment to make that long-awaited phone call. And then, hopefully, one day the whole Gallagher family might celebrate New Year all together.

Source: The Sunday Times

Image: Gino Di Pinto