Noel Gallagher: ‘Oasis at Glastonbury 2016? They don’t have enough money!’

Speaking to Daily Star at the premiere of ‘Burnt’, Noel Gallagher said, about the rumors that (like every year) want Oasis as Glastonbury headliner, it’s not going to happen beacause of money.


He declared “I don’t know where the rumours keep coming from about Glastonbury, I’ve done it a few times I know what they pay and it’s not enough”.

He added “Would we ever do it? They don’t have enough money I’m afraid. That’s the bottom line, they just don’t pay enough”.

Noel was also asked about the possibility to join X Factor’s crew and he said “No, never. Like I don’t have enough to do? Being on the TV every night would be nonsense. They’ve asked me twice now and it is not something I want to do. I don’t want to be on TV every Saturday night. I’d rather be watching it at home with my daughter”.

Source: Daily Star