Noel Gallagher on BBC Radio 6 says that an Oasis reunion doesn’t impress him creatively and “Liam doesn’t help”

Noel Gallagher on BBC Radio 6 says that an Oasis reunion doesn’t impress him creatively and “Liam doesn’t help”

During a special Christmas show on BBC Radio 6, Noel Gallagher said that an Oasis reunion doesn’t impress him creatively and “Liam doesn’t help”.


He talked a lot about several topics and he chose some of his favourite songs that have been broadcast during the show.

Noel in the beginning told about the night in LA he spent with Russell Brand and Morrissey in a pub in which Morrissey brought a CD with the music he likes asking to put it on.

One of the songs of that cd has been the inspiration for ‘Riverman’.

He then went on about talking about ‘Definitely Maybe’ and the fact that there are less and less people who write their own lyrics and tunes as Oasis did.

Anais thinks One Direction it’s an actual band”, but Noel blamed the groups of writers that now write songs for artists.

He talked about the excitement of a new record coming out when he was young, when you didn’t have the possibility to hear a record before the release and now that “magic” is gone.

Steve Lamacq then reminded Noel that 21 years before, on that day, Noel supported The Verve and he told about all the night he and Richard Ashcroft spent up talking about taking over the world: “and we did, with Oasis and The Verve”.

The show went on with him saying about his creative process, which takes places day by day, so by doing “a little bit everyday” he gets in the studio with 20 songs, he just “plays for the love of it”.

When asked what is his feeling about Christmas he answered that he doesn’t like it, he hates it and the tone of Christmas annoys him.

The real Christmas tree is depressing.

About the new album (called ‘Chasing Yesterday’ and out in March), he said that the “golden rule” is that the big single should be track 3 as ‘Live Forever’ is.

Then, in the studio, there are always four songs he is sure are gonna be in the record, then everything has to do with picking songs that can make a great album.

Noel told about the sense of fear of changing and nostalgia he experienced when he was in Manchester last year and he had hours to kill.

He did the walk he was used to do, discovering that the buildings were gone and the streets were changed.

Going back to London he told Sarah that it is sad as well as saying to his boys that back in the years everything was different.

“London never really changes, in the North, Manchester changes and knocking down buildings is knocking down memories” he said, describing how he felt.

As he did before, Noel praised Johnny Marr and the collaboration they had in the last track of the album which is going to be the next single to be released.

I’m proud he’s one of my oldest friends and he was the first to acknowledge Oasis in Manchester.

He was impressed in seeing how much Marr was into the song and he has been in the studio with Noel 6 or 7 hours to work on that song.

About drinking mates, Noel stated that Serge Pizzorno is good, but with Bono he had one of the best nights ever.

They talked about music for the whole night and “Bono knows everything about everything” as well as Paul Weller does.

Approaching to the last part of the interview, Lamacq asked Noel if there is “any scenario you could see in which Oasis are back together”.

Noel answered that creatively speaking, it doesn’t impress him because he’s more than pleased with his own work.

“Saying that, if someone would offer the most psychedelic offer of money I’d be an idiot to turn it down, of course.”

Liam seems to have gone in an early retirement, Andy is back with Ride and he was with Gem last week but he doesn’t know what he is doing now.

“Anything is possible, but I’d never drive it.”

He went on by saying that he loves what he is doing and he finds insulting the attitude of journalists who are only focused on the reunion instead of his solo work and project which he immensely likes and thinks it is great.

“The awful thing about Internet is that everyone is an insider”, so everyone can say things that can catch fire very easily.

And “Liam doesn’t help by tweeting letters which form OASIS”.

Source: BBC6

Photo: BBC