Noel Gallagher on his current music, Oasis and more

Noel Gallagher on his current music, Oasis and more

A few quotes from Noel Gallagher from the new issue of Q that’s in stores now.

On the new generation of fans discovering Oasis “It’s the tunes, innit? They are pretty timeless songs, they’re not really of any time, Although we defied the 90s. It’s not really stuck there in the the 90s. I think Blur, Pulp and Oasis had a definitive thing before Britpop, although we were the vanguard of it, the three of us.”

On how playing music helps him relax “I’m not a great reader. I don’t like popping in the car and going for a spin because I can’t drive. I don’t cook. I don’t collect shit. I play guitar.”

On fans not liking ‘Holy Mountain’ “I thought, ‘Well, if you don’t like that, the next five years are not gonna be very pleasing for you.’ I listen to so many different kinds of music, electronic music and that, my influences now are so varied.”

On how he works in the studio “I don’t try and be different for the sake of it. I don’t go in and say. ‘I’ve gotta something different!’ If a song’s happening and it’s in the same vein as what Oasis was, like ‘Cast No Shadow’ or ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’, then we’ll do that. But the songs gotta be great. The reason Black Star Dancing works, for me, is that it’s a great song and the vibes good”.

On playing certain Oasis songs “I could never do ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ or any of that stuff, I haven’t the right attitude for it, do you know what I mean?

‘Black Star Dancing’ was originally called ‘All Night Forever’ and had the same chords but a different chorus.