Noel Gallagher on his new album: “I’ll enter the studio in five weeks”

Noel Gallagher recently talked about his new album and the process of production of his third solo project. He hopes to finish the LP “by the end of the year” and added “I’ll enter the studio in about five weeks.”

In the interview with Radio Città Futura in Rome (here you can listen to the whole interview) Noel said: “From what I’vdone at the moment, sonically sounds different, but it will be still very melodic and all of that.”

He then went on: “It’s a new way of working for me, and I’m finding it very difficult, or very slow. So it’s like writing and recording as you go along, so there’s no sitting down writing all the songs and then going to record them, you’re kind of doing that in the studio, so that takes a lot longer, but the results at the moment are quite good.”

Source: NME