Noel Gallagher on “Jo Whiley’s Album Review”

Noel Gallagher on “Jo Whiley’s Album Review”

Last monday Noel Gallagher appeared as special guest on Jo Whiley’s weekly Album Review on BBC Radio 2.


After the announcements of the new single, the new album and the tour, Noel Gallagher attended the last appointment on his agenda.

The Mancunian songwriter appeared as special guest on Jo Whiley’s weekly Album Review on BBC Radio 2.

He talked about the news presented in the afternoon and he added something about the title of his new album ‘Chasing Yesterday‘.

Noel explained that he had a lot of titles in his mind and as soon as he came up with the definitive one, he hated it.

Seemingly self-financed, the record was then shopped to various record labels by his management.

Noel went on talking about a night in LA he spent with Morrissey and Russell Brand.

Gallagher defined Morrissey as “the funniest man I’ve ever met in my entire life”, saying that he hasn’t a good word to say about anyone and he bullied Russell Brand.

It has been a funny anecdote that had an influence on a particular song of the new album called ‘Riverman’.

Noel said that coming back from that night he had a sort of inspiration for the sound of the song that reminds of Bob Dylan.

Later on, he praised Johnny Marr and their friendship saying that Marr“his mate” and he has been “the first fan of Oasis”.

Before the end of the talk, Gallagher referred to another song of his new album, named ‘The Dying Of The Light’, saying that his wife Sara loves it.

During the afternoon he had already talked about it making jokes about the“alternative” title “It Makes Me Wanna Cry” that he read on the Internet – and he considered awful.

As Noel recently told BBC 6 Music‘s Steve Lamacq, you will be able to see him on a celebrity special of Channel 4’s Gogglebox in aid of charity.

The episode will be aired on Friday 17th October, with his appearance alongside models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. The show sees families and members of the public watching weekly British television shows and commenting on what they see.

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