Noel Gallagher on new Stone Roses album: “It’s like they’re making their first record again”

Noel Gallagher says the new Stone Roses album has put the band in the same mindset as when they recorded their classic debut.

Gallagher, who first dropped hints about the band “blooming” last year, recently bumped into Roses’ frontman Ian Brown at a supermarket where he learned about their new music and also chocolate shower gel.

“I am very excited, for them mainly,” Gallagher told NME of the band’s return. “They’re going to play some new songs. I bumped into Ian in a supermarket recently. He was buying chocolate flavoured shower gel. This is not a joke. He leant and said ‘have you tried this?’ and I said of course I hadn’t. He swears by it, says it’s amazing. And before it turned into a photoshoot with everyone and their cameraphones, he was telling me how excited they are by it all. He said it was like they were making their first record again.”
News that the band are holed up in London and working on their third studio album was confirmed by NME last month.

Source: NME