Noel Gallagher on The Royal Family having a s*it life

Noel Gallagher on The Royal Family having a s*it life

Noel Gallagher has spoke about the Royal Family on the recent episode of The Matt Morgan Podcast.

Noel Gallagher

He said “They’re quite mad the royal family. What a terrible fuc*ing shit life they must lead, it’s just service, what a load of wank. We grow up thinking what a life they lead. Living in Buckingham Palace with f*cking boring ****s all day, what a f*cking s*ht life. Can’t go anywhere, can’t do anything, f*cking going to Kenya on holiday.”

During the interview he admitted that he watches Netflix series The Crown with his wife Sara.

He said “I seen the first series, because my mate Matt Smith was in it, and then I didn’t see any of the other series until I seen this new one with my missus, it’s been good though … I was watching it thinking, ‘My life has always been better than theirs.’”

He admitted he isn’t worried that his royal rant will prevent him from getting a knighthood because he knows his lifestyle and past behaviour rules him out of ever getting one.

“Our kid is always going on about a f*cking knighthood, who is under the impression I’m getting a knighthood? I can safely say I’d say no, because for a fact I’ll never get offered one. Not through any fault of my mine, just by being myself so I’m not f*cking arsed.”

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