Noel Gallagher on today’s music that “doesn’t reflect the times”

Noel Gallagher on today’s music that “doesn’t reflect the times”

According to Noel Gallagher, today’s music is “bland” and it does not make any effort to reflect the mood of the times.

In his latest interview with MOJO he said: “What has become apparent to me is that we live in ridiculous f***ing times now,” he suggests. “The music that’s being made now is so f***ing bland. It’s nice and kind of meaningless and then you turn on the television and the news is so savage! The music doesn’t reflect the times at all. I hear Radio 1 in the morning when the kids are up and going to school and it’s just bland, meaningless, mindless pop music and then the news is: ‘The World Is Going To End!’ What’s going on? The music of George Ezra: Wow!”


He then added that part of the problem is that musicians are not interested in being in a band anymore and they prefer to start a solo career. “I was talking to a mate recently who’s been in various bands and I was asking what he was doing and he was saying, ‘I’m trying to do my own stuff now.’ I said, ‘You should be in a band, you look great,’ and he said, ‘Nobody wants to be in bands any more, everybody wants to be a singer-songwriter.’ That’s his generation. Everyone wants to be Jake Bugg or George Ezra. The band thing is dying out.”

Noel Gallagher blames the lack on infrastructures that forces artist to go solo: “I blame it on the lack of rehearsal rooms and the lack of little tiny studios because it’s easier for a guy to sit at home with a tape recorder and send it to a record company than it is for a band,” he stated.
“Back in my day, we used to go down the rehearsal room when it was 20 quid a night, or whatever it was, and you bash it out. Everybody’s got a home recording studio on their iPhone now. All the cheap studios and venues are going to go soon. You’re going to either be stuck at the bottom in [London pub venue] the Boston Arms or you’re going to be catapulted to the top at The O2 and there will be nothing in between.”

Source: MOJO