Noel Gallagher on writing Oasis’ Live Forever

Noel Gallagher on writing Oasis’ Live Forever

The new copy of MOJO that features an interview with Noel Gallagher is out now in stores and available digitally here below is an extract from it.

MOJO: What’s the first song you wrote that you thought was any good?

Noel Gallagher: 
“Before I left home I met this guy Pete through an ad in the Manchester Evening News. He had a little 4-track and we wrote these songs together. I remember playing the demo tape to people and the overriding reaction was a look of of surprise “Fucking, hell, is this what you do?”

MOJO: And the first song you thought was generally great?

Noel Gallagher: “Live Forever. I wrote it on John Squire’s Gretsch Country Gent because one of the roadies lived at Mark Coyle’s house and it ended up at my house. When I played it at the next rehearsal Bonehead said, “You’ve not just written that fucking song. That’s from somewhere else.” I’d listened to enough music to know that was a classic. It was Mark Coyle that came up with the drumbeat because when he was checking the drums on the last (Inspiral Carpets) tour I would play these chords. It’s funny how a song changes everything”.