Noel Gallagher: “People started calling me a Nazi after what I said about Brexit”

Noel Gallagher: “People started calling me a Nazi after what I said about Brexit”

Noel Gallagher has said that he was trolled after he recently spoke out about Brexit.

Earlier this summer, he told the Manchester Evening News when asked about the outcome of the EU referendum“There’s only one fucking thing worse that a fool who voted for Brexit. That’s the rise of the c**** trying to get the vote overturned.”

He added: “You take part in a democratic fucking process – if you don’t like the outcome, go to North Korea…I sat the day of Brexit and thought: ‘I can’t be arsed going to the polling station, who the fuck would vote to leave Europe? It’s a nonsensical fucking idea’. And you wake up the next day and think: ‘Fucking ing hell, shit.’

“But the thing that is taking place after that is frankly a disgrace. It’s a disgrace when you see people trying to get that vote overturned. Because that’s fascism. Straight up. Pure and simple. Flying in the face of democracy, no matter what, because you don’t like what fucking happened.”

The singer now claims his comments sparked a backlash from the public in a new interview with The Guardian“People started calling me a Nazi!” he said. “I thought: ‘Really? A member of the Third Reich?’

“Look, I think it’s ridiculous that we’re leaving. None of us were even qualified to vote. You ask a guy above a chippy in Bradford if we should leave Europe. ‘Yeah!’ But I still think if there’s a second referendum, as a nation, we’ll never recover. We have to come out because, no matter how ill-informed people were, you’re saying to them their vote doesn’t count. And its symptomatic of shutting people’s opinions down.”

Despite the possibility of an impending no-deal Brexit on October 31, Gallagher remains optimistic about the future.

“That’s the great thing about nuclear bombs,” he joked. “Ever since they’ve been invented, everyone’s been like: ‘Hang on a minute, are we going for it or what?’ We’re all fed this thing that the guy from North Korea is an insane lunatic. But he’s into basketball! How mad can he be? So we’ll be all right. As for beyond that, well … fuck the grandkids – remember, they might be cunts. I’ve said it to my sons many times. They go: ‘Dad!’ but I tell them they don’t know who they’re gonna marry. She might be an idiot. Or he might be. We’re all modern men.”

He also claimed his younger brother’s show at Glastonbury 2019 was an embarrassment.

Gallagher said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed for a man in my entire life. He’s pulled off the incredible magic trick of making those Oasis songs sound weedy and thin. And he looked like he was having the worst day of his life, walking around in what looks like a pair of my son’s pyjamas, shouting into a mic about some perceived injustice. If you can’t sing ’em, don’t play ’em!”

Noel Gallagher released his new single ‘This Is The Place’ yesterday (August 5).

Source: NME