Noel Gallagher praises U2 gig: “It’s a psychedelic experience”

Noel Gallagher praises U2 gig: “It’s a psychedelic experience”

On Tuesday May 9th Noel Gallagher saw U2 in San Jose (CA) and he described the experience as “a great leap forward”, adding,

“It was theatre.It starts off as a punk rock gig but then it gets intimate, there’s a lot of truth in it about where they come from and the people that they are. At points it’s quite touching when you see footage of people like Bono’s mum and his kids, stuff like that, walking up the street they grew up on.”


“Visually the band were explaining it to me for a good six months but I still had no idea about this screen they were talking about, it didn’t make much sense to me at all – most things don’t with Bono at four o’clock in the morning. But tonight, I don’t like to use the phrase, but this is a game changer, not only for them but for shows in general. It is something completely different.”

Gallagher also told U2’s official website, “For people who haven’t seen it, they play inside of a video screen and it’s something else, it’s like watching a television but you kind of forget sometimes that they are actually there on stage and they are playing live. It’s a psychedelic experience… It was staggering – and only the fourth show. I can’t wait to see it again.”

Source: NME