Noel Gallagher presents new album at Apple Music concert at York Hall

Noel Gallagher presents new album at Apple Music concert at York Hall

There must be something special about York Hall. Only a few months back, Arcade Fire were presenting here their latest album, and now it’s the turn of Noel Gallagher, who just a week ago brought an end to his support duties for U2’s  world tour.

Who Built the Moon, due for release on 24th November – the same day this concert premieres on Apple Music in the form of a special documentary – seems to mark a departure from the 90s rock style the singer-songwriter is know for.

Gallagher enters the stage as Fort Knox plays from on PA. He opens the show with lead singleHoly Mountain; live, there’s more gravitas to the song which polarised opinions among the fans. It’s a Beautiful World follows and it’s the first debut of the night. Set to be the new single from the album, it’s a melancholic piece characterised by a slow trip-hop beat.

The mood of the packed Bethnal Green venue suddenly ignites when Oasis songs are played: first Little by Little then Champagne Supernova. “This one is dedicated to my children [points at them] listen to these words.” It’s Be Careful What You Wish For, a quiet 70s rock piece, acoustic-guitar-led, enriched by electric riffs and solos. Next is another debut, Black and White Sunshine, an uptempo track built on a classic rock groove.

“This lady here last night [at Jools Holland] played scissors for the first time on British television,” and they launch into a spirited rendition of the refreshing She Taught Me How To Fly. After a huge singalong on Don’t Look Back in Anger, the Mancunian singer closes withAKA…What a Life!.

Tonight’s great performance opens a new cycle of Noel Gallagher’s career; the newer sound doesn’t come as surprise for the fans of the former Oasis leader who, not long ago, had promised a mind-blowing, psychedelic album which he actually recorded with Amorphous Androgynous and then scrapped in 2015. The soundscape might have changed a bit, but the older of the Brit rock brothers is still the same:  “See you next year, keep the faith and all that bollocks,” he says before leaving the stage.


Photo: Apple Music