Noel Gallagher previews his Shaun Ryder collaboration

Noel Gallagher previews his Shaun Ryder collaboration

Noel Gallagher has spoken about his upcoming collaboration with Shaun Ryder, saying that the Happy Mondays singer is “on great form”.

The collaboration was first revealed to NME by Ryder’s Happy Mondays bandmate Bez back in April.

The percussionist/dancer predicting that the song is “going to be big and going to be number one” and adding: “It’s two Manchester legends singing together and it sounds amazing.”

While the track won’t feature on Ryder’s upcoming solo album ‘Visits From Future Technology’, Gallagher has now confirmed in a new interview that his collaboration with Ryder is currently in the works.

“Have you heard [Ryder’s] new tunes? His new single is called ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ and it’s fucking outrageous. Outrageous,” Gallagher told Mr Porter. “It’s not like anything he’s ever done.”

The interview also reveals that it was Alan McGee who brought Gallagher and Ryder together, although work on the song was derailed when the latter contracted coronavirus.

The track has still yet to be finished, but Gallagher told Mr Porter that he wants to release it as a standalone single. “Shaun’s on great form,” he added.

Source: NME

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