Noel Gallagher reveals the only song he likes written by his rival brother Liam

Noel Gallagher reveals the only song he likes written by his rival brother Liam

Noel Gallagher only likes one song written by his arch-nemesis sibling Liam.

Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher

The 53-year-old rocker might have been at loggerheads with his former Oasis bandmate since they split in 2009, but he hasn’t got a bad thing to say about his 48-year-old brother’s work on ‘Songbird’ from their 2003 album ‘Heathen Chemistry’, which he hailed as “perfect”.

Heaping praise on the tune – which Liam wrote as a tribute to his then-fiancée Nicole Appleton – Noel told ‘Matt Morgan’s Funny How?’ podcast: “I thought ‘Songbird’ by Liam was great. We did a demo of it and it was more like ‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles, It’s got a mouth organ on it and it sounds like The Beatles.

“Then we took all the instruments off it and it became this acoustic thing that I think is perfect.”

Liam went solo in 2017 and his older brother can’t fathom why he doesn’t play the song at his gigs.

He added: “The ironic thing about that song is that he doesn’t even f****** play it now, work that one out.

“He’s only got one tune and that’s it, and he’s not playing the f****** tune.”

Noel had previously praised the track for its simplicity.

He said: “‘Songbird’ blew my head off when I first heard it because it was that f****** simple and that direct. But when Liam plays you a song he wants you to instantly f****** drop dead on the spot and then, when you come around, stab yourself in the heart and be in awe of the f****** sonic ability of the man.”

Liam penned very few tracks during his time in the legendary Britpop group.

The first he penned for the ‘Some Might Say’ hitmakers was ‘Little James’ from their 2000 LP ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants’.

Despite it only being performed once live on OPB Radio station in Portland, America, that same year, Liam admitted in 2018 that he’d liked to release a follow-up called ‘Big James’.

The tune was written for his former stepson James Kerr – whose mother is Liam’s ex-wife Patsy Kensit, whilst his father is Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr – and the ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker hinted: “The first song that I wrote was ‘Little James’, which was about my stepson at the time, he was called James and he was little. I might do a reprise, a new version called ‘Big James.'”


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