Noel Gallagher says “Black Keys are great” and “Jack White is a very gifted artist”

Noel Gallagher recently talked to Stereogum in a Q&A session.


He was asked: “You recently made some comments about how dull contemporary rock bands are, that they don’t have the personalities of the rock bands of the past. You were talking about mainstream British rock acts like Arctic Monkeys. Do you feel the same way about some of the big names here, like the Black Keys or Jack White?”
Noel answered: “I don’t read their interviews, d’you know what I mean? So I wouldn’t be able to comment. It wouldn’t be fair. I do like their music. I think the Black Keys are great. I think Jack White is a very fucking gifted guitarist. When I’m saying that [today’s rock bands are dull], I’m more talking about Britain, because I read British magazines, d’you know what I mean? I don’t read [Jack White’s or the Black Keys’] interviews. Have they come up with any pearls of wisdom recently?”

Source: Stereogum