Noel Gallagher says he composed around 25 songs for ‘Chasing Yesterday’

In an interview for The Korea Herald Noel Gallagher talked about his second solo album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ saying that it constantly kept changing.

“It [the new album] was constantly changing. The record that I started is not the record that I finished,” said Gallagher during a round-table interview before Friday’s show at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill’s Walkerhill Theatre.

Mondrian Hotel Launch Party, London, Britain - 09 Oct 2014

Noel said he composed around 25 songs for the album which he studied continuously for about a year before finally deciding which ones would have been the final ones.
“I’ve made records with Oasis. I knew exactly what the album was going to be in running order ― everything  before I even started,” he said. “But this (the latest album) was changing as the weeks went by.”

Source: Kulbritania