Noel Gallagher says Liam is nothing more than a fake tough guy

During his presence at “The Jonathan Ross Show”, Liam Gallagher revelaed that his brother refused a huge offer to reunite the band.

Chatting to the Daily Star (via MSN), Noel says Liam is only “a tough guy when he’s got his security guard with him” before telling a story of how squirrel lover Johnny Rotten belittled Liam and the singer didn’t respond.

“I’ve had a few nights out with John Lydon, he’s also one of my heroes, but I’ve also seen him be a fucking ****, he just doesn’t take shit off anyone,” says Noel. “I was out with him one night in LA and he wouldn’t talk directly to Liam, he would say to me, ‘Ask your singer what kind of make-up he’s wearing.’ Liam was literally six inches from him.’”

Source: Tone Deaf