Noel Gallagher says Liam’s band is “the worst live band out there”.

Noel sat down for an interview with Virgin Radio TV.

When asked who the worst live band out there is he answered: “Have you seen my brother’s band? Have you seen it? You should go and see it…yeah, you should definitely go and see it.”

He also said he no longer writes with Liam’s voice in mind, he thinks of the women in his band, instead: Charlotte who plays Scissors and does spoken words in French, Jessica who sings backing vocals and does keyboards, and Y-See who sings vocals alongside Noel in certain songs.

Noel explained: “I’ve got three girls in the band and they’ve been a breath of fresh air and the whole look and vibe of it is where ‘Black Star Dancing’ and ‘This Is The Place’ came from. When I used to write songs, I would hear Liam singing (in my head) and now when I write songs I hear the girls singing. So to me, they’re very important and they’re equally as important than anybody else.”