Noel Gallagher says Liam’s comments about his ‘kids and wife’ are why he doesn’t want to reform Oasis

Noel Gallagher has said his brother Liam‘s past comments about his family are among the main reasons why he’s refused to reform Oasis – adding that he’d ‘rather go busking’ than reunite for a huge pay cheque.

Earlier this year, Liam said that Noel’s wife Sara MacDonald was “the reason Oasis is no longer” – calling her “a witch”, “proper dark” and saying that she “had a screw loose”. He later added that she was “up there with Putin“.

Despite Liam’s repeated pleas to “get the big O back together“, Noel has now said that there’s “not a cat in hell’s chance”.

“At the beginning I would have said to my management, there’s a magic number,” Noel told Mojo. “If it reaches that magic number I’ll do it. Give me a shout. A couple of monster gigs. Even a tour of the big cities, a world tour, stadiums, burn a load of money, buy a yacht, buy a plane, and another house, then go back to what I’m doing. Easy. I wouldn’t even have to travel with the ****.”

He continued: “That thing about my kids and my wife. No way. If I had 50 quid left in my pocket I’d rather go busking. No way, I can’t do it.”

Noel added that he has no problem with the two remaining solo, as he earns more money from Liam continuing to play the Oasis songs that he wrote.

He continued: “He’s got his thing now – which is effectively my thing – and when he’s headlining Finsbury Park (in London) I’m sitting here watching (U.K. soccer TV show) Match of the Day getting a PRS (U.K. Performing Right Society) cheque for him playing my songs. But instead of making him happy, it’s made him even worse, it’s made him even angrier.”

Source: NME