Noel Gallagher says Morrissey is ‘the funniest guy ever’

Noel Gallagher has praised Morrissey as ‘the funniest guy ever’ – after the pair shared a night out together and The Smiths legend took a shine to his wife. 

Today saw Gallagher announce his return with his upcoming new High Flying Birds Album ‘Who Built The Moon?’, along with details of a huge UK and Ireland arena tour. To mark the occasion, the Oasis turned solo star gave an interview with Christian O’Connell on the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show this morning – where he revealed details of his evening with Moz and wife Sara MacDonald.

“I love that guy, he’s unbelievable,” said Gallagher. “I had a night out with him a few years back in LA, and he was just, he kills me, he was just the funniest guy ever.

“I bumped into him in a hotel and me and Sara were out one night. We were sat in a different bar, and I went to the toilet.  And I said ‘Oh can I get my wife to come and meet you?’  He went ‘Oh I don’t know, is she nice?’  And I said ‘Yeah, she’s gorgeous’.

“She came and he kind of looked at her and he went ‘ooh’. I was like ‘Wow, what a dude’.  Yeah he’s unbelievable, funny.”