Noel Gallagher says new documentary is “a snapshot of a band at their zenith”

Noel Gallagher says new documentary is “a snapshot of a band at their zenith”

During the premiere of Knebworth 1996 documentary, Noel Gallagher described it as “a snapshot of a band at their zenith”.

Speaking at the Picturehouse Central cinema, Noel said:

“I don’t remember it being overwhelming. Although it was a mad trajectory we didn’t feel that overwhelmed by it. I was more concerned about Sky working in the dressing room. It was a new thing.”

Even if Liam was not at the premiere tonight, the Mancunian singer answered fans questions on Twitter today, telling one the new documentary was “biblical”.

And when another asked about a comment Noel made on radio saying Liam allegedly was “nervous” before big gigs like Knebworth, he replied:

“Leave it out. I never get nervous I’m an animal he’s the one that used to be s***ting it pacing up and down asking what time it is how long ooh ooh I’m scared.”

Speaking about the weekend he said:

“There was one arrest all weekend, someone let the side down, probably a f**king scouser!”

And when asked about the hit songs from the Morning Glory, Noel said:

“If I thought writing Don’t Look Back In Anger would become what it became, I would still be fiddling with it now. I was living in the moment, get it out and move on, get it out and move on. It’s incredible what the songs have become.”

“Champagne Supernova is f**king nonsense, drug nonsense. I was just living in the moment getting it out there. I was in a moment I never got back to where every song you write became as famous as the band. They were very special times and I’m glad I didn’t realise it as I would be more insufferable as I am now.”

Source: Mirror

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