Noel Gallagher set to record new Oasis album with old unreleased songs

Noel Gallagher has revealed that Oasis will be reuniting to record a new album – but without his brother Liam. 

Noel Gallagher

The band split back in 2009 after the siblings had a very public fall out, but they seemingly ended their quarrel this month when Liam, 48, extended an olive branch on Twitter claiming ‘this is our year.’

Despite hopes the pair had put their feud behind them, Noel, 53, is pressing ahead without his sibling, and will re-record 14 tracks that didn’t make it onto the band’s previous albums.

Speaking about his connection to the songs, Noel told The Sun: ‘I’ve listed the proper songs and there were 14. They just fell by the wayside of various projects from down the years.

I was looking at the track listing and thinking, “Actually, fing hell, no I’d approach that song differently”.  It’s been very interesting.’

MailOnline have contacted Liam’s representatives for comment.  

Source: Thedailymail, The Sun

Image: Getty