Noel Gallagher shares heartwarming letters from young fan

Noel Gallagher shares heartwarming letters from young fan

Noel Gallagher has offered a young fan backstage passes to “hang out and exchange life stories” after receiving a letter asking him to visit his school.

The former Oasis star posted pictures of his handwritten correspondence from the youngster on Instagram.

Earlier this week he shared a picture of a letter from Sam Fisher asking if he could come to his school to speak to his class about his “life, fame and fortune.”

He added: “My class have been searching the topic of drugs in PSHE and (I know you are now clean) would like to hear about when you used to take crugs and how you turned it around.”

Gallagher captioned the photo: “Thanks for the offer Sam but as much as I’d love to come and regale your PSHE class with war stories from The 90’s I’m gonna have to pass as I’m currently in re-hab..I mean the studio!!!”

A new letter Gallagher posted shows Sam replied in another handwritten letter, saying: “I am  actually coming to see you in Birmingham in May next year. Would it be possible to maybe get a  backstage pass to ask about your stories?

“I’m a massive fan and I actually play guitar and sing.”

He continued: “It is my dream to play with you on stage.”

Gallagher captioned the post: “Play on stage with me? Blimey you don’t want much do you eh?

“I’m sure one of my bitches at HQ will sort you out a pass of some description and we can hang out and exchange life stories.

“You can tell me tall tales from your PSHE class (whatever that is!) and I’ll fill you in about the 90’s.

“Can I just point out (this) is not an open invitation to every other f***** on the planet”