Noel Gallagher’ singer YSEE exclusive interview for Oasis Mania

Noel Gallagher’ singer YSEE exclusive interview for Oasis Mania

Few weeks ago we had a chat with Audrey Gbaguidi, singer for the “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds”.

Well known as YSEE, Audrey joined Noel’s band during the recording of “Who Built The Moon”.
She was very kind to give us the opportunity to release an exclusive interview for Oasis Mania, to discover more about how she met Noel and her future projects.

Tell us about your experience with Noel? Any stories…

The very first experience is about what lead me to meet him.

I met a French woman, Regine de la Hey, in a market in East London, where I was living.
She was selling this ring that I really liked but I hesitated to buy it.
We started talking and she asked me why I was there In England, so I told her I’m a singer just coming from France, hopefully to work In London and do some new experiences.
She straight away told me about this guy called
Arden Kleinman, a friend of her.
Even if she didn’t know precisely what he was doing, she knew he could help me.
Somehow I was so much into that ring that I forgot about the little piece of paper she gave me with Arden’s number on it.
I put it in my denim’ s pocket and forgot about it.

Some time after she invited me at her home to see other pieces of jewels she had.
They were all amazing but there was only that ring I saw the first time on my mind, so I bought it and it was the beginning of everything else for me a new era.
Yeah that sounds a bit weird but it is exactly what happened!

I finally called Arden, he was really confused and didn’t really know how to help me so that was a really short call!
Then he called me back again later in the day telling me there was someone I should meet urgently. Without knowing me he came to my house.
I decided to trust him and he brought me to a restaurant where I met this guy I had no clue who he was…
David Holmes!
I literally googled him in the toilet to know what was going on…
Arden and David were both super nice and there was a great vibe.

Lucky I called Arden that day and not earlier when I actually got the number, because that day David was in London and he actually was on his way back to fly home, so he only came 30 minutes cause Arden told him to.
Timing wise all!
That was crazy!

So after 20 minutes at the restaurant I still didn’t know what I was there, we talked a bit tried to get to know each other.
He suddenly had to leave asked me to send him some music ASAP which I did straight back home. 15 minutes later I got that email from David CC
Noel Gallagher and it saw written:

Welcome on board“

I was just like…wait what,who,why!
So I did ask what was happening with Noel Gallagher being in my emails and David told me:

I m the producer for the next Noel‘s LP, come to the studio next week if you want and make the most of it.”

Any stories you’d love to share with us? How did you two meet? Which was your first impression?

So from that email I called a few friends to tell them what was happening and they were all very excited for me
Now I just had to do my best in the studio and a week later, in the afternoon, I arrived there very calm.
I was focused and you know I was not only singing for Noel Gallagher, I’m an artist and my goal is always to create something I love too.
So I arrived in the studio, didn’t even had a coffee and said hello to Noel and David…and literally 3 minutes after I was in the cabin!
They played ‘Fort Knox’ telling me that they were a bit stuck with that song, asking me if I could find something…which I started immediately.
I really love the instrumental and was in that screaming mood that I’m in sometimes…had a few things to release, you know!
So I did, and they produced it in a way that really highlighted my vocals and…here we are!
Fort Knox’ was born and they decided it will make the album!!!
Noel was filming me behind the glass of the cabin! I could feel his happyness!
That feeling when you‘ve been working on a song for a while and you finally find the elements that fit together!
Great souvenir!

He asked me to come the week after and I created these vocals for ‘Be Careful What You Wish For‘.
Great vibe, smooth and efficient.

Which live show did you love the most?

Well, there are many I could list here, but I guess I really loved the very first ones in the US like Los Angeles in March 2018, and also in Paris at the Olympia Hall because I was home and my godfather, the drummer Tony Allen was there.
I could feel how happy he was to see me perform with Noel!
And also the Vive Latino in Mexico 2018 too.

And which crowd was the warmest?

With no doubts in Korea!
In Seoul they are incredible!
Mexicans are definitely in the competition.
In the UK Heaton Park was mad despite the rain they were really here with us!

Do you have any future project with Noel?

I guess we’ll do some more writing sessions together in the studio and we’ll see what future brings!

Any solo plan?

Before Noel asked me to come on tour with him I was working on my solo project.
I opened for some great artists like Mary J. Blige, George Benson, Seal, collaborated with Damon Albarn in his Africa express project, Tony Allen around the world, Brian Eno, James Lavelle (The Road Part 1).
I’m now writing more than ever, now that this year left us with no live show at all, I guess I’m getting ready for the next chapter.

Were you an Oasis fan already?

Of course I knew their music very well, but I guess In France it didn’t really have the same impact than in other countries in the world. So I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” as I know you’ve got real ones following this page and it’s beautiful to see how people who love your music can support you all the way for so long.
Whether you like or not how you favorite artist end up being through the years you still have these souvenirs for life.
Souvenirs you can share with others.
We make music for people so that all make sense.

Which song is your favorite?

I absolutely love ‘Stop crying your heart out’.

How did you feel during the lockdown the past few months? Did you miss live shows?

Music is the only thing I do and I m on the road since so long that is literally my life.
Travelling, taking planes, get to the hotel, have soundcheck, go to the catering and show time!
That’s all I know so I won’t pretend it’s not hard
After mastering my drawing skills, cooking skills and who knows what again, I’m bored, and I want to go back to what makes me feel myself.
Music, frequencies sharing my passion with others.
I’m counting the days now …

How do you think will it feel to be back on tour?

It will be so f****** good! I can imagine the big smile on everyone’s face!
It will require a bit more rehearsing I guess before going but it will be a dream!
Can’t wait!

Can you share some heads up about your new projects?

I’m not releasing anything in 2020.
Guess why? (laugh)
So definitely next year.
They are a few collaborations on it, but I’ll tell you more very soon!

You’d love to share with us?

You can go and check the song I’ve done with Foster The People‘s producers called “Qu est ce que je dois faire” on YouTube.
I know you guys are strictly Oasis and all things around, but it’s important to stay open as I believe every genres can mix and create beauty.
I’m also writing a book that’s almost finished where I share a lot of stories about these incredible artists I’ve worked with.

So there’s a lot in the making but definitely a lot of surprises for 2021.
Hopefully it will be a good one and we’ll celebrate on stage.

Thank you a lot Audrey to give us the opportunity to know more about you and your projects.
We really hope to see you on the stage with the High Flying Birds very soon, and we wish you all the best for your projects.