Noel Gallagher sparks reunion rumours sharing photo of Oasis on Twitter

Noel Gallagher sparks reunion rumours after sharing photo of Oasis on social media.

Noel uploaded the bottom photo to his Twitter page writing in the caption: “The dressing room at the Jug Of Ale in Moseley was actually a toilet and this is one of the first group photos I took of the band. The upstairs room was packed for the gig, with most people sitting on the floor like a bunch of hippies in a cloud of marijuana smoke, amazed at the electric performance. Photo & words: Paul Slattery.” He has since deleted the tweet and it has been shared on Oasis’s official Instagram with the exact same caption. Noel’s daughter Anaïs Gallagher also shared the tweet whilst it was live saying she wanted his jacket. Noel never shares photos of Oasis on social media, so this is a rarity and according to fans a sign of a future reunion. Liam is yet to respond to this latest turn of events.