Noel Gallagher: “Standing on the shoulder of giants was an error”

Noel Gallagher: “Standing on the shoulder of giants was an error”

Noel Gallagher regrets that Oasis released their third studio album saying: Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants was an error”


Speaking to Grantland Magazine, Nole said that after the release of ‘(What’s The Story?) Morning Glory?’, he lost the desire to write music and he believes the band lost its way.

“We should have never made ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’. I’d come to the end. At the time, I had no reason or desire to make music. I had no drive. We’d sold all these fucking records and there just seemed to be no point. I went ahead and did it, even though I had no inspiration and couldn’t find inspiration anywhere. I just wrote songs for the sake of making an album. We needed a reason to go on a tour. But at the time, I wasn’t thinking like that. We all thought the song ‘Go Let It Out’ was good”

He added:
“At the end of the cycle of ‘…Morning Glory’, I was hailed as the greatest songwriter since Lennon and McCartney. Now, I know that I’m not, and I knew I wasn’t then. But the perception of everybody since that period has been, ‘What the fuck happened to this guy? Wasn’t he supposed to be the next fucking Beatles?’.

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