Noel Gallagher talks about his new album.

Noel Gallagher talks about his new album.

In an interview with Soccer AM, Noel Gallagher talked about why he hates videos, his third studio album and his shows.

He said: “I loathe videos. I hate them. It’s a necessary evil but I can’t stand it. I hate the fact that they take all day and the directors tend to be very pretentious. The ones that are outside are the worst. I wasn’t born to be in front of the camera.”


Then, he confirmed once again that he’s working on a new studio album. “I’m working on some new stuff. These next shows I won’t have finished my next magic trick so it’ll just be the old stuff.” and finally he discussed his tours: “I love touring. The most vital thing to have with me on tour apart from the guitar is my passport unless you are toruing in the UK where you don’t need one.”

Source: Kulbritania