Noel Gallagher: “There are no English rock stars left”

Noel Gallagher: “There are no English rock stars left”

Noel Gallagher doesn’t think there are any real rockstars left in the modern music scene.

Noel Gallagher doesn’t think there are any rock stars left.

The 50-year-old rocker has blasted the state of UK music, insisting most bands have either ”naff” frontmen or they’re too old, and no one looks very cool anymore.

He said: ”There are no English rock stars left.”

”There are famous guys in bands, but rock stars now in England? Meh.

”They’re either very f***ing naff, or the wrong side of 40, or they don’t write their own music and have nothing to say.

”And they have bad hair and even worse shoes.”

And Noel finds it ”f***ing boring” hearing bands sing about current affairs, so wanted his own new album, ‘Who Built the Moon?’ to be full of ”joy and optimism”.

He said: ”There was no big master plan but when it’s finished and you take a step back and listen to it, there’s just an overriding feeling of joy and optimism.

”It’s very easy now to pick up a guitar and just sing what’s on the news.

”Well, I say, that’s f***ing boring. If I want to know what’s going on in the world, I can watch the news.

”I want to hear beauty and truth in music, not the news. The news is boring.”

While Noel thinks rock stars are getting too old, he has no plans to retire himself for at least 15 years.

He said: ”I think, even as I sit here today, I’ve got another three records left in me, so that’s about 15 years.

”As long as I can stand up and sing, I’m good. As long as I can still write, I’ll be obliged to sing.

”So I’ve got no plans of bowing out just yet.”

Source: Contact Music