Noel Gallagher: “There’s loads of stuff left over from Oasis days. Albums and albums worth of material.”

In the interview with BBC Radio 4’s John Wilson for the Mastertapes series, Noel said that he has 30 unreleased songs left over from the Oasis era and from the recording of his previous solo album.

He stated he has acquired a collection of songs from the past twenty years that have never been released.


“I’ve had a stockpile of songs since 1993,” he said. “I’ve never written for a specific project, I’ve never been in the studio with less than 30 songs. I’ve just recorded an album, but I’ve still got another 30 songs. Instead of writing 15 or 16 songs for a cycle of where [Oasis] were at, we were using five, but I was still writing 15, 20 songs, so there’s loads of stuff left over from those days. Albums and albums worth of material. Because you move so fast as a writer, and you can only really do ten songs on an album at a time, lots get left behind.”

Noel then went on describing the ‘Eureka moment’ of Oasis when he wrote “Live Forever”. “That song changed everything for Oasis,” he said. “For the two years before that, we were one kind of band, and I was writing one particular kind of song. I guess the term was coined ‘baggy’, I suppose, and I wrote that one night, and took it to the rehearsal room the next day. The look on Liam’s face when I sang that falsetto bit is something I’ll never forget.”