Noel Gallagher thinks “The monarchy as a thing is a bit farcical”

Noel Gallagher thinks “The monarchy as a thing is a bit farcical”

Noel Gallagher discussed about the monarchy after the recent Queen‘s Jubilee.

The former Oasis guitarist affirms that he’s not “anti-royal” but feels the “appeal” of the monarchy is “dwindling, like religion”.

According to the Daily Mirror, discussing about Queen’s Jubilee, Noel Gallagher said:

“Some of the people who work for me, I was like, ‘See you tomorrow’. They went, ‘Oh, we’re off tomorrow. We’ve got the day off for the jubilee’.”

“I was like, ‘f****** royalists in the music business?’ I’m not having the day off, you’re not having the day off’. Anyway they all had the day off.”

“Now, it’s appeal is dwindling, like religion,” he said. “There are other things for people to be interested in.”

“I’ve got a security guard who is a royalist, he’s very much ‘this great country’, one of them.”

“But they are dwarfed by people who are like ‘whatever, thanks for the day off but whatever’.”

He also added: “The monarchy as a thing is a bit farcical – and if anybody thinks we are one’s subjects then they are very much mistaken.”

And even if he is not much interested in the royals, Noel Gallagher admits it will be a devastating day for the nation when The Queen passes away.

He said: “When the Queen dies, it will kind of be a big deal because she’s been around all of our lives. I’m not like anti-royal or anything. I don’t hate the Queen or none of them, they were all born into it.”

“They’re the custodians whatever in its essence England is, the Crown Jewels and all that.”

“I wouldn’t have them all shot – like I said a couple of times in the 90s – but I’m not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination but I don’t hate them either.”

Source: Radio X

Photo: Matt Crockett