Noel Gallagher wants to split opinion with his new album and lose the ‘parka monkeys’

Noel Gallagher wants to split opinion with his new album and lose the ‘parka monkeys’

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he intends for his upcoming album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ to divide opinion, and that he cares little about pleasing who he calls ‘the parka monkeys’. 

The former Oasis turned solo star recently hit out at critics of his recent single ‘Holy Mountain’ as ‘parka monkeys’. Now in an interview with Q, he’s defined the term as “the little 15-year-old snotty c**ts with polka-dot scarfs”, adding that he cares little about alienating them with his upcoming record.

Revealing that his management informed him that ‘Holy Mountain’ had “split his fans in two”, Gallagher responded: “I’ve got to say, that was the intention. Half are saying ‘this is fucking shit. This can’t be the guy that wrote ‘Live Forever’,’  and the other half are saying, ‘this is fucking amazing’ – and that’s not a place I’ve ever been.”

Admitting that while his fans expect “the strumming of the guitar and the melancholy of those songs of lost love or lost youth, but with a hopeful chorus,” Gallagher revealed that “that’s not where I am now. I know that’s what people want, but fuck what they want.”

Focussing on other divisive moments on the record, he looks to the track ‘It’s A Beautiful World’ which features French spoken word.

“The parka monkeys are going to be like, ‘a fucking French bird on a track? No mate, not having it. It’s not rock n’ roll’. Well no, it isn’t. Who’s saying it is?

The High Flying Birds man added that his freedom as solo artist made him even more determined to follow his artistic instincts, rather than just stick to a formula.

“I’m not in a band any more, so I don’t have to sell it to any one. I run my own record label, I pay for my records, I promote them, I market them, I do everything myself. If I have a whim, I’m going to do it. When you’re solo, you can move quicker. Big rock bands are like huge tankers, but I’m like a fucking speedboat.”

An Oasis reunion grows increasingly unlikely, after Gallagher recently stated that getting the band back together would ‘kill him as a person‘.

Source: NME