Noel Gallagher: “When I left Oasis I was offered…”

Noel Gallagher recently talked to Q the Music about independent record labels.


He said: “‘It’s not the labels themselves, it’s the people. It’s their ethos and their goals. I was signed to probably the greatest indie label, Creation. It wasn’t commercial success, it was the getting of the record out there. That’s probably even more the aim now than when I first signed.” “Let’s put it this way, when I left Oasis I was offered big record deals by all the major labels but it never crossed my mind to sign with them. Once you have been on a label like Creation you can’t take the A&R man in the studio with the shit shoes, telling you to “turn the high hat up” really. I think independent music is more important than it’s ever been. People like Jeff Barrett of Heavenly Records and Alan McGee can never walk away from it. They are on a life sentence of trying to find it, the magic! And long may they exist!” Source: Kulbritania