Noel Gallagher will appear on Confidence Man new album

Noel Gallagher will appear on Confidence Man new album

Speaking with NME, Janet Planet confirmed the collaboration with Noel Gallagher for Confidence Man new record.

In 2019 Noel Gallagher recalled the time when he met the Confidence Man duo while touring with U2.

After a casual meeting, Noel and The Edge where invited to their studio, which ended with him arguing with the duo’s neighbour. (See video below)

The vocalist Janet Planet confirmed to NME that both Noel and The Edge will appear on Confidence Man new album.

“Noel and The Edge are actually both hidden on the record somewhere,” she responded, adding: “I’m not supposed to talk about it. You’ll have to do some research on the YouTube comments.”

During the interview, Planet discussed Gallagher having the band support him on a number of UK summer tour dates, and how she hopes he introduces them for their Glastonbury set.

“Fingers crossed Noel introduces us on stage,” she said of Glastonbury, adding: “Noel still messages me all the time. He sent through the other day ‘You guys are supporting me on all my shows! Can’t wait to hang out!’ I’m like, oh no – I’m going to get so wasted and embarrass myself. He still goes hard.”

Source: NME

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