Noel Gallagher: “Yes, I’ve been hiding from Courtney Love.”

Noel Gallagher: “Yes, I’ve been hiding from Courtney Love.”

Noel Gallagher tried to avoid Courtney Love over the years and once he locked himself in a hotel room to side-step her ‘rowdiness’.

He told the NME that the decision to avoid her was a calculated one on his part: “I read an interview with her once and she said, ‘I can’t f**king believe this. I know everyone in London and I’ve never f**king met Noel – was he hiding from me?’ And the answer is: ‘Yes.'”


“I was in a studio in LA and we were in the back recording [2005 Oasis album] Don’t Believe The Truth. And reception called us as said ‘Just to warn you: Courtney Love’s just walked in,” he said.
“I knew Liam was running around in reception and I thought, ‘Brilliant, that’s a fucking meeting of minds right there.’ I could hear her shouting, ‘Where’s Noel? I gotta meet Noel!’ So I grabbed a cig, exited out the back door and went straight back to the motel and locked the door. I was like, ‘I can’t be dealing with her rowdiness – f**king hell, no way.’ But I applaud her.”

Source: The Independent