Noel Gallagher’s secrets for a good life: “I wish I was Italian. People are passionate and Rome has an unbelievable history”

Noel Gallagher’s secrets for a good life: “I wish I was Italian. People are passionate and Rome has an unbelievable history”

Noel’s secrets for a good life? Here’s a brief list of them, directly from Noel’s quotes… Enjoy!

“I look good in Levi’s 511s, an Our Legacy Bomber Jacket and Golden Goose desert boots.”

“I like Garrett Leight sunglasses with champagne-coloured frames. They make me look like Steve McQueen.”

“When I need socks I buy hundreds of pairs from Ralph Lauren. For underpants I buy Calvin Klein, there’s no other make worth knowing about.”

“I’ve got a Lanvin flower pin that I put on my jacket when I’m feeling psychedelic.”

“Once a week I have a look on Mr Porter. But I’m old-school: I like to try on clothes before buying them, so I send a lot back.”

“If you want to look like a Mancunian, the place to go is Oi Polloi in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Half my wardrobe is from there.”

“As soon as I wake up I tune into Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1. He’s an old friend and my kids Anaïs, Donovan and Sonny love him.”

“I can’t get through the day without Marlboro cigarettes and Yorkshire tea. I take mine strong with one sugar.”

“I have a soft spot for Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel rosé champagne. It makes you sing like a whispering angel.”

“When I’m on tour there’s got to be Monster Munch or the sound check isn’t happening. Pickled Onion, Flamin’ Hot, Roast Beef… you name it, I’ll eat it.”

“I like women to wear high heels. I’ve got a big problem with Ugg boots. They’re so unattractive and give the impression that you don’t care.”

“Kate Moss is one of the lads. She will never go out of fashion. She’s the only woman who can throw something on as she leaves the house and in six months the entire world’s wearing the same.”


“I’ve been most impressed by Madonna recently. When we met she held her hand out, I kissed it and she said, ‘Finally, we meet’”

“I’ve only ever read one novel, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I decided that no other book would ever compare.”

“I would omit most of 1997 from My Autobiography. The music I was writing was awful, I got married when I shouldn’t have, and I took a lot of drugs.”

“I’ve been happy ever since I bumped into my wife Sara in Space in Ibiza. I never believed in love at first sight until that moment.”

“My favourite hotel is Borgo Egnazia in Puglia. It’s got the best kids’ club, brilliant pools and delicious seafood pasta.”

“Whenever I’m lying next to Sara I have the best night’s sleep. That doesn’t sound very rock star but it’s the truth.”