Noel Gallaghers tells Liam texted him asking about his duet with Robbie Williams

Noel Gallagher has told The Sun that his brother Liam texted him to know about his duet with Robbie Williams: “He sends me cheeky texts from time to time,” he explained. “He texted me the other night asking when my duet with Robbie Williams was coming out. He’s all right.”


The last time they saw each other, according to Noel, was on the day Manchester City won the Premier League last year. As we all know, Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams are not in good terms and maybe the text written by Liam makes fun of the duet of Noel with Damon Albarn, too. After that night, in fact, Liam had commented on his Twitter profile with a sarcastic tweet.