Noel’s ‘Chasing Yesterday’: what do we know about it?

Noel’s ‘Chasing Yesterday’: what do we know about it?

Noel’s new record ‘Chasing Yesterday’ will be out in few months, and here’s what do we know about it.


In the last few months a lot of things regarding the Gallagher brothers happened.

On Liam’s side the split of Beady Eye, his return on the stage with ‘The Who’ and the rumors about a solo album.

On Noel’s side his new album ‘Chasing Yesterday’, the announcement of the dates of the tour along with several talks to radio programmes and tv shows and the performance with Johnny Marr.

Obviously, the rumors increased and became more consistent around an Oasis reunion which each fan.

Including names such as Dave Grohl – would like to see, maybe on the stage of Glastonbury.

Well, Noel Gallagher talking to Absolute Radio sarcastically answered that since the more he says it won’t happen, the more people talk about it.

He will say Oasis will reunite at Glastonbury to try to make them shut up.

Of course the answer is no.

But if we never get used to the pain that such answers cause us, in the last month we discovered quite a lot about ‘Chasing Yesterday’ and its tracks, so why don’t we have a short recap?

Noel Gallagher’s new album named ‘Chasing Yesterday’ will be out on 2nd March 2015 and as soon as the name came out, Noel hated it.

He finished it the day after the World Cup Final and the process of self-production was “a major pain in the arse”.

The album has been anticipated by the single ‘In The Heat of The Moment’.

The first verse was inspired by an interview to an astronaut Noel listened to: describing going to the Moon, the astronaut said it was like “touching the face of God”.

What does it mean? “Nothing.”

The single came out on 17th November 2014 and its b-side is called ‘Do the Damage’ which Noel describes as the 23rd best song he has ever written.


What about the features of the album? It is distinctly sax-laden, inspired by 1974 one-hit wonder “Pinball” by Brian Protheroe.

“Please don’t think about the guy from Spandau Ballet. Think about a dude from New Orleans in 1963, smacked out of his head and incredibly cool, because it’s time to reclaim the saxophone.”

Moreover, the press release defined it as “space jazz”.

The other influences only come from David Bowie.
The tour will start in March: the ticket went sold out in 10 minutes.


About the lyrics, love songs are for his wife Sarah. He said:

“They’re about the kind of girl who sees through your bullshit. We all know them. They’re the ones we end up getting married to.”

One fundamental collaboration in ‘Chasing Yesterday’ is the one with Johnny Marr who Noel praised several times during his talks.

Marr talked about the album in a really enthusiastic way:

“It’s “very melodic, some of it is pretty rocking too, and fans are really going to like it.”

He plays on the track ‘Ballad Of The Mighty I’ which Noel said it’s one of the best songs he has ever written.

Another song, called ‘Riverman’, was inspired by a night spent with Morrissey and Russell Brand in Los Angeles and it will sound a little bit like Bob Dylan.


There is a bit of early Oasis too with the songs is ‘Lock All the Doors’ that took Noel 23 years to finish.

It is one of the tunes that most attracted the attention of the fans.

Is he interested in Glastonbury? Of course he is. As a solo artist. He declared that if he was asked to, he would headline.

Source: NME