Are Oasis getting back together?

Are Oasis getting back together?

After the statements of Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis, people are seriously wondering if Oasis are getting back together.


Some insiders reported to The Sun that Noel and Liam are on speaking terms and a kind of reunion could be a little bit closer.

Liam could do it for money, since his outgoings are bigger than ever and besides the split of Beady Eye, Pretty Green estimated losses are over £ 270,000.

On the other hand, Noel could change his mind to be back on the biggest stages in the world.

The Mirror bumped into Bonehead at a Madchester reunion gig for the 50th birthday of Aziz Ibrahim.

When he was asked about the reunion he told he is “sworn to secrecy” and ‘besides, he’d be the last person to know’.

He then added that he would certainly join the band as a ‘band psychiatrist’.

Some might say Oasis are going to be back.

Source: Mirror

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