Oasis fans sign a petition to get Noel Gallagher to perform next James Bond theme

A new petition signed by Oasis’ fans is aiming to bring Noel Gallagher to perform the theme for the next James Bond film ‘Spectre’.

Noel Gallagher declared that he would do it if offered, so a fan, Richard Clements, started the petition saying that Noel is “one of if not the greatest song writers of our generation” and he then went on “His melodies sparked a new era in British rock music and has inspired musicians from all over the world. In Oasis he created anthems that will stay with people for the rest of their lives and continues to write and produce perfect songs as a solo artist. He oozes cool and epitomises what it means to be British. This is what we need from a Bond song – an instant classic.”


Noel, talking to a German TV had said: “I would do it in a heartbeat. I could do it and it would be great, but I’m not a star and for that you have to be a big star. You have to be someone in America.”

About the forthcoming movie, Christoph Waltz and Moriarty actor Andrew Scott are to be in the cast, with ‘Skyfall’’s Sam Mendes directing again. Daniel Craig will also reprise his role as 007 for a fourth time, with the film’s release scheduled for October 23.

Source: Manchester Evening News