Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher backs Wishaw suicide awareness charity

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher backs Wishaw suicide awareness charity

Volunteers at a Wishaw charity were overwhelmed when singer Liam Gallagher backed their efforts at a gig in Glasgow.

The former Oasis frontman spotted a banner highlighting the Graham Fraser Foundation and stopped his set for a moment to help raise awareness of the group.

After seeing the sign, held aloft by Graham’s fiancée Natalie Frew, the Manchester rocker told the Hydro crowd: “Right what is it called? Graham Fraser? The Graham Fraser Foundation … get involved! Is that right?”

Natalie, who was left devastated when 27-year-old Graham took his own life earlier this year, said: “Some of the fans lifted me up with the banner and everyone was getting involved then he (Liam) looked right at it and gave the mention.

“You had to pick me up of the floor. I was so proud as I knew how much this would mean to Graham and always how much more awareness would be created from it for foundation.”

Since the young dad’s death, his family and friends have been raising funds through the WHY? Graham Fraser Foundation with the aim of helping anyone who is struggling to cope.

Natalie attended the concert with the banner as a way of spreading the word, whilst also paying tribute to Graham who had attended many of Liam’s previous shows.

Natalie said: “We would always go to Liam’s gigs together and he absolutely loved the DMAs too.

“My friend Shona treated me to the ticket and we decided we had to take a tribute to Graham with us so we got his dad to make us the banner and as the gig was called ‘Why Me, Why Not’ it was fitting.”

After Graham’s passing in June this year, his friends and family said they wanted to keep his memory alive by creating special benches and placing them at various sites in the community, with many being placed around North Lanarkshire, to help others.

The benches include contact numbers for a variety of support organisations.

Graham’s mum Angela Blackwood posted on Facebook: “They will have contact numbers for addictions to drink drugs and gambling, suicide, mental health or even if you’re just lonely.

“The idea is to get these on social media so in our community people know about these Graham Benches.

“If you see someone sitting, sit next to them and give them an ear to listen.

“Help a stranger, sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger just listen and you could make the difference? We need to start fighting this as a community.”

For more information visit www.facebook.com/whythegrahamfraserfoundation

Source: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/