Oasis have re-entered the iTunes charts after the Manchester bombing

Oasis’ iconic anthem Don’t Look Back In Anger has re-entered the charts after it was sung by a crowd in Manchester following the terror attack that claimed the lives of 22 people. 

The song was adopted as an anthem of unity and togetherness after Lydia Bernsmeir-Rullow started a mass sing-along during a vigil at St Ann’s Square.

Now, it sits at no.66 in the iTunes charts after Lydia’s defiant display – with the chart topped by Ariana Grande’s One Last Time.

It should be noted that this *isn’t* the UK singles chart, i.e. the ACTUAL number one, but it’s still a mightily impressive achievement.

Speaking to ITV News, Lydia previously revealed that she was motivated to sing the Oasis track to prove that ‘hate doesn’t win’.

Source: Metro.co.uk