Oasis Mania Facebook page hacked

Oasis Mania Facebook page hacked

Dear followers, as many of you already know our Facebook pages has been hacked few weeks ago and we are still trying to take it back.


It’s a hard work because Facebook’s Team don’t help us. We sent them all the proof to demonstrate that an impostor is using our page to spam ridicolous links to make money and, to keep all our followers, he share some Oasis’ stuff saying that the page is returned to the original admins…THIS IS NOT TRUE!

We have created a new page, trying to go on with our daily routine, but it’s not easy without your help.

Some of you still like the old page and share their post. Please don’t do it and report everything he share to Facebook.

We are trying to take the page back, and if we won’t able to do it, we will do everything to close it.

Thank you very much.

Oasis Mania Staff