‘Oasis will get back together’

‘Oasis will get back together’

During the preview of ‘Supersonic’, film director Matt Withecross spent few words about the possibility of an Oasis reunion:


“Neither of them have discounted the idea of getting back together. It will happen, I’m sure. The idea of never seeing them again for me is impossible.”

He also revealed that “Noel said everyone is always coming up to them giving them advice about how they are going to mend this relationship. He’s friends with Chris Martin and he said Chris should quit the music business and become a therapist because every week he goes ‘Look this is how you are going to patch up the band’. Noel said look no one knows like we know each other and it will happen when it happens but we can’t force it. Liam was like ‘He’s full of shit’ and Noel’s like ‘He’s full of shit’.”

Whitecross added: “Noel said unless it was an obscene amount of money what would be the point in any of them getting back together. Liam is like ‘No fuck it we were great.’ So I think they’ve still got it. They should go out and give it a go. I feel people out there want it so I hope they get it.”

Source: NME