Paul Gascoigne reignites Liam Gallagher feud

Paul Gascoigne reignites Liam Gallagher feud

A decade ago Liam Gallagher was apparently ‘banned’ from exclusive member’s Groucho Club after he sprayed a fire extinguisher on Paul Gascoigne in response to Gazza goading him with song lyrics.

Now it seems Paul Gascoigne is keen to keep the fires burning, as he took to Twitter today to reply to a pretty innocuous message from Liam Gallagher.

Responding to Liam asking his fans what they made of his support acts, Gazza replied:

“Hey Liam I’m fuming just been to the fish and chip shop and everything was ok until I said I WANT A ROLL WITH IT.”

He continued:

“Hope all is well and well done on your no1 ps you owe me lunch without the fire extinguisher. Hugs from GAZZA Xx.”

According to The Sun, Liam Gallagher was banned from the club after Paul Gascoigne made a quip while he was apparently eating soup.

Paul joked with Liam, referencing his 1995 hit Roll With It:

“Do you want a roll with it? Do you want a roll with your soup?”, with Liam retaliating by ‘dousing him with a fire extinguisher’ on the way out.

Anyway Liam claimed that he’s ban was related by using his brother Noel’s membership card to get in.

Source: Metro Uk

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