Paul Weller says working with Noel Gallagher “could be really good”

Paul Weller has recently revealed he has thought about a collaborative project with his close friend Noel Gallagher, but they have struggled to find a time to record together.

“It could be really good … hopefully it will happen anyway. We’ve both got different writing styles. I’m quite up for it.” he said.
He continued by saying the pair were keen to produce new music to appear on his new LP, ‘Saturns Pattern’, but they never got round to hitting the studio to work on any of the concepts.
He explained: “We have been trying to write some things together, and we’ve still got a really good idea but it just never made the record.”


Speaking about a collaboration with Noel – with whom he has worked several times in the past – Paul confessed he prefers Noel Gallagher’s solo music over his extensive back catalogue with Oasis. He told the Daily Star: “If I’m really honest I think Noel’s (new solo) record and the one before are his best work. Obviously I’m biased as he’s my mate but I’m impressed by the writing more than anything else.”
Moreover, Weller and Marr few weeks ago said they think Noel doesn’t need to reform Oasis, as we reported in our article.