Paul Weller to Noel Gallagher: “I’ll break your legs if you reform Oasis”

The fomer Jamclose friend of Noel, has been really explicit giving his opinion after the rumors about the reunion of the group, split in 2009.


Talking to The Daily Beast he said: ”I know it went around that I said I’d break Noel Gallagher’s legs or whatever if he even considered reforming Oasis, but it’s true. It’s unseemly. I have no interest in it and I honestly have no idea why anyone would. For me it’s always about moving forward.”Noel has already revealed that Weller told him their friendship would be over and he’d probably ”put his windows through” if he reunites along with his brother Liam Gallagher.
Weller, who also talked about his 12th LP, proves consistent with his own ideas as he never considered to come back with his ex-bandmates and when he was asked he replied “Not a chance, mate”.

Source: Tourdates