Pete Doherty calls for charity boxing match with Liam Gallagher

Pete Doherty calls for charity boxing match with Liam Gallagher

Pete Doherty thinks he should have a charity boxing match with Liam Gallagher.

The Libertines rocker has talked about the former Oasis frontman in a new interview, where he discussed their rivalry.

Asked on Phil Taggart’s Slacker Podcast how he feels about Gallagher nicking his former bandmate, Drew McConnell, he replied: “I think we should have a sponsored boxing match and the loser gets Drew.

When reminded that the Wall of Glass singer goes on daily runs, the Don’t Look Back Into The Sun rocker said: “Listen, I weigh him in mate, I weigh him in.”

He added: “We would make a fortune for ourselves and for good causes,” joking: ” I’d have to find myself a sparring partner.

“Where am I gonna find a Mancunian with size three feet to spar with?

Recalling a time when Liam Gallagher called him out on stage, Doherty said: “I’m not sat here giving it the biggun. Nine out of 10 of my friends laugh at me when I tell them this, but at the V Festival there was a big cock in the crowd, and he said to the crowd ‘glad to see Pete Doherty could make it today,’ so I owe him one.

“He needs a slap”.

Liam Gallagher is believed to have taken aim at the Libertines frontman at V Festival 2005 after they missed a support slot on the band’s Don’t Believe The Truth Tour.

The pair also share children with Lisa Moorish, Liam’s daughter Moorish and Pete’s son Astile.

Source: Radio X